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The Notary Office – Marlena Jakubcewicz located in Lublin provides legal services in the scope of i.e.: agreements, marriage contract, all matters relating to housing associations, running a business, wills (including will registration in Notarial Register of Wills), declarations concerning acceptance or waiver of the succession, certificates relating to the succession, disposal of inheritance, inheritance division.

The Notary Office provides the services for individuals and entrepreneurs, including partnerships and

Notary Marlena Jakubcewicz offers professional service in carrying out notarial activities with a view to the clients’ needs. The notary provides information and consultation free of charge, whilst maintaining confidentiality (notary’s privilege).

Notarial actions are performed in the Notary Office located in Lublin, Narutowicza 18 / 4 unless there are reasonable grounds, concerning the nature of activities or specific cases, to perform the actions outside the Notary Office.



Marlena Jakubcewicz
ul. Narutowicza 18 lok. 4,
20 - 004 Lublin
74 1870 1045 2083 1069 6158 0001
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 9.00 - 16.00
Other term and hours subject to prior agreement
Marlena Jakubcewicz Notariusz
Marlena Jakubcewicz. Kancelaria Notarialna - Lublin